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Sky Record

Team Work


Meteor Shower Data Analytics: @yuchentian6

Audio-active Visual Design: @huahuabengbeng

Music and Sound Design:  @px0.416


Words from Pix Lu

"More to share about the immersive stargaze experience “Sky records"a collaboration between me, Hua and Yuchen Tien from Tufts University. It was premiered in Sensibilia as a sub-project that explored astronomical data revealed in algorithmic composition,sound and installation art.

We collected and analyzed Earth's observational data of meteor showers of 2022influencing the 7 chosen
parameters of a specially designed sonification model
leading to a collection of living sound sculptures built with multichannel audio system.

The audience is invited to experience a time-lapse
stargaze through a meditative environment connecting to the stars in a poetic and telepresent way. Along with the sound sculptures, a projection of particle clouds covers the room, allowing the audience to walk around listen, and watch the clusters of stars go by from all sides.

“Sky records" explores data-driven arts as an approach to preserve the contingencies present in our lives and invites contemplation on the transient nature of circumstances.

Would you strive to preserve a precious fleeting moment or rather let it go?"


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