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Motherhood &

Enamel on copper, copper, brass
(Including chains) 18 x 18 x 1.5 cm

Who are we feeding and from whom are we receiving?


The Umbilical cord is the channel that transports nutrients, oxygen, and more to the fetus to keep it alive. In this piece, I was thinking about the action of caretaking and its ambivalent nature. The center part of this necklace is a female figure that has umbilical cords connecting her belly button with her own nipples. Feeding and receiving happen simultaneously. As the mother is feeding the fetus, she is also receiving metabolic wastes from the fetus. The umbilical cord connects two lives but it also chained the two lives together. As a necklace, Feeding and Receiving is supposed to be worn. When it’s on a body, it becomes a body on a body that brings the discussion of two lives connected together further.

Feeding & Receiving
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