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Motherhood &

Copper, Brass, and Cermics · 2022




    The chained woman was trafficked into a village and gave birth to eight children for her "husband", only to be chained in a leaky animal shack. In this case, the meaning of her existence was to provide a womb to carry on the family name for the man. Life had grown inside her, but once she finished giving birth, the children had no more to do with her. The children never saw her as their mother. She was merely the vessel for incubation and was discarded once she was used up.

    In the thrift store, I bought a delicate lid with thin ceramic petals and leaves. It was only the lid of a cup, and I wondered where the original body was. I was wondering when buying this lid, was the man thinking the same when he bought his "wife" ? I wanted to simulate the violence of this human trafficking case. When I got home, I smashed the lid and tied the ceramic pieces with metal wire. In the simplest and most violent way, I forced the fragments of ceramic and metal to form a bowl shape. A bowl is a container used to hold food, but a bowl assembled by violence in this way, is full of sharp edges and holes. After violently destroying the ceramic petals did we really get anything out of the process?

For the Chained Woman
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